We at Holy Family Council are happy to announce a new and fresh campaign project, inspired by Brother Gordon Davis, “I Survived Nine” months in the womb. Brother Gordon is looking to have lapel pins manufactured for all people to apostolize the fact that we all personally survived the threat of abortion.  The unborn child can not yet claim that fact.

     In order to support this great project, we will be having a public Baked Bean & Ham drive-thru supper on November 21, 2020.  


The Holy Family Council of the Knights of Columbus announces a new prolife project!  In the spirit of our founder Father Michael McGivney, we are embarking on a “Solidarity Movement” with the children in the womb. It is entitled “I Survived 9”.  The concept is very simple. Each of us are walking witnesses to the fact that we were carried in our mother’s wombs. I know this for a fact. My mother told me so. And she wouldn’t lie to me.  

     In a few short months you will be asked to volunteer to wear the logo of our movement on your clothing or display it in some other way. We hope that it will help those who support abortion to question their rationalization that the fetus in the womb is not a human being. Please consider joining us soon in this act of love for the most defenseless of all human beings.

                                                                                      Humbly submitted by Brother Gordon Davis


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