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Catholic Citizenship Essay Contest Winner

Sponsored by: Maine State Council Knights of Columbus and

Holy Family Council 10019

Pictured L to R: Evelyn Caron and Sophia Ouellete both tied for second place.  Contest winner Madelynne Stratman and Contest Director - Bob Dumond.

The essay topic this year was a difficult one.  Forty one students in eight grade theology class were given the assignment of writing an essay on the following topic: “Explain how young Catholics can evangelize our faith to families and friends who have turned away from religion and encourage them to return to the Church and embrace the sacraments.”  With help from their teacher, Garrett Forss (a brother knight), all students did a great job.

Miss Stratman and family have been invited to our Light up for Christ event on December 6 Holy Family Church to be our honorary guest to flip the switch at 8pm sharp. Knights all over the world will be doing the same at 8pm their local time.  Come and join us and pray and sing some joyful Christmas carols.



In February, the Knights of Columbus Holy Family Council 10019 held a Baby Shower at Holy Family Church in Lewiston.  Baby goods and donations were collected and the following weekend a Parish wide diaper drive was added to the donations.  On February 14, 2022, council members went to Hope House and presented all donations to them. Hope House is a Non-Profit organization providing neighborhood support to families.  They provide food, clothing, furniture and assistance to families in need.   Councils from the Basilica, Holy Cross and Our Lady of the Rosary all joined in and collected baby items at their churches also. 



Here is an example of hardy Maine Brother Knights.  This day of putting away the nativity was COLD and WINDY.  Wind chills reached temps of 30 below zero yet look at all their smiles!

Left to right:Jeff Cloutier, Jerry Poulin, Dan Lake, Norm Lebel, Ray Martineau, Mike Lajoie, Bob Roberge, Al Viens and Brian Labreque.    Photo by Bob Michaud


L to R: Dan Lake- Grand Knight, Stephanie Gelinas, M.S., CCC-SLP, Jerry Poulin– Tootsie Roll Program Director

Holy Family Knights of Columbus Council 10019 of Lewiston, Maine held a Tootsie Roll Drive in the fall of 2021.  Our local merchants and parishioners helped us raise over $1200 which was donated to SANDCASTLES in Lewiston, Maine on February 3, 2022.

For over 25 years Sandcastle Clinical & Educational Services has been striving to support the needs of children in our community so that they may live a happy, healthy and productive life. Through the delivery of integrated preschool education, speech language pathology, occupational therapy, mental health and audiology; educators, clinicians, staff, and families work together to nurture and support children so that they may thrive throughout school and beyond.

Worthy State Deputy John Deetjen Jr, Brian Wilson, Ray Laplume and Worthy State Treasure Michael Giroux were at the “Hands Around The Capitol” along with around 125 plus people. It was very cold and everyone was bundled up to keep warm. The ceremony didn't last very long, a few minutes after the bell was rung 49 times and a red rose placed under the bell, we all departed.

     We at Holy Family Council are happy to announce a new and fresh campaign project, inspired by Brother Gordon Davis, “I Survived Nine” months in the womb. Brother Gordon is looking to have lapel pins manufactured for all people to apostolize the fact that we all personally survived the threat of abortion.  The unborn child can not yet claim that fact.

     In order to support this great project, we will be having a public Baked Bean & Ham drive-thru supper on November 21, 2020.  


The Holy Family Council of the Knights of Columbus announces a new prolife project!  In the spirit of our founder Father Michael McGivney, we are embarking on a “Solidarity Movement” with the children in the womb. It is entitled “I Survived 9”.  The concept is very simple. Each of us are walking witnesses to the fact that we were carried in our mother’s wombs. I know this for a fact. My mother told me so. And she wouldn’t lie to me.  

     In a few short months you will be asked to volunteer to wear the logo of our movement on your clothing or display it in some other way. We hope that it will help those who support abortion to question their rationalization that the fetus in the womb is not a human being. Please consider joining us soon in this act of love for the most defenseless of all human beings.

                                                                                      Humbly submitted by Brother Gordon Davis


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