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FofM March 2020 Al Viens

Fr. Raja (Fr. Elaiyaraja Thaniyel, HGNCouncil Chaplain

Holy Family Council 10019

NOTABLES 2022-2023

Our Sponsored Seminarians

               Erin Donlon                             Andrew Bailey                                  

Hoa Nguyen

Assembly Sponsored Seminarian


Grand Knight - Dan Lake

Chaplain - Fr. Johnson Sacreties

Deputy Grand Knight - Bruce Labrecque

Chancellor - Brian Wilson

Warden - Raymond Laplume

Recorder - Gerard Poulin

Financial Secretary - Raymond Martineau

Treasurer - Bob Roberge

Lecturer - Open

Advocate - Al Viens

Inside Guard - Dave Gervais 

Outside Guard - Jeff Cloutier

Outside Guard - Dylan Labrecque

Trustee 1 Year - Bob Dumond

Trustee 2 Year - Matt Viens

Trustee 3 Year - Gordon Davis













Rev. Peter C. Conroy Assembly 2516


Program - Al Viens

Faith - Dan Lake

Community - Bob Roberge

Public Relations - Matt Viens

Family - Dan Lake

Choir - TBA - (On Covid19 Break)

Membership, Recruitment and Retention  - Matt Viens

Life - Gordon Davis

Vocations Chairman - Dan Lake

Kitchen Crew - Bob Roberge, Norm Lebel

Golf Director - Brian Labrecque

Video Slide Show - Matt Viens

Ins. Field Agent  - William Weiss

Newsletter Editor - Bob Dumond

Webmaster - Bob Dumond














Holy Family Council 10,019

P.O. Box 7940

Lewiston, ME. 04243


Grand Knight's email and cell

Cell: 207-754-3643


Council Meetings held every 2nd & 4th Tuesday

of each month at 7 p.m. @ Holy Family

Church Hall.













     The Knights of Columbus is an organization fortified by its past, and driven by its goals for the future. It is through these five areas of service — faith, community, family, youth, and fellowship — that we truly make a difference.



As Knights, our faith is our foundation. Dedicated to the Catholic Church’s growth and her good works. We support religious outreach, promote vocations, and provide financial support for seminarians and postulates. This way, we help support our Church and strengthen our personal faith.


As committed as we are to the Catholic Church, so are we to our communities. By actively and financially supporting Special Olympics, by leading the charge in pro-life, or by safeguarding the environment, Knights of Columbus members all over the world have helped countless communities prosper.


As fathers and husbands, serving our families is not only part of what we do, it’s part of who we are. To that end, Knights of Columbus councils offer programs that strengthen family and marital bonds by holding numerous family focused events, including the “Family of the Month” program that honors outstanding families. Most importantly, as Knights, we are able to provide assistance and support to Knights and their families whenever needed.


The importance of helping today’s youth become tomorrow’s leaders is also a huge focus of the Order. For that reason, many local councils sponsor Columbian Squire Circles, the Order’s official youth organization for Catholic young men, ages 10–18, which provide them the unique opportunity to develop leadership skills. Additionally, through activities such as the Catholic Citizenship Essay contest, the Substance Abuse Poster contest, Coats for Kids program and the annual FreeThrow championship, the Knights of Columbus assists youth in building a strong sense of civic and religious responsibility.


To be a Knight means to believe in each other as we believe in ourselves; realizing that by creating strong, social, and supportive local councils, we help create a stronger Order worldwide and ensure an even stronger future.


Dan Lake

Grand Knight

Faithful Navigator: Al Viens

Assembly Officers 2022-2023

Faithful Navigator - Al Viens

Faithful Friar - John Sacreties

Faithful Captain - Brian Wilson

Faithful Admiral - Bruce Labrecque

Faithful Scribe - Brian Labrecque

Faithful Comptroller - Bob Roberge

Faithful Purser - Jerry Poulin

Faithful Pilot - Ray Laplume

Inner Sentinal - Dave Gervais

Outer Sentinal - Bob Dumond

1 yr. Trustee - Jerry Henault

2 yr. Trustee - Ray Martineau

3 yr. Trustee - Arthur Fortin



Honor/Color Guard - Open


Rev. Peter C. Conroy Assembly

P.O. Box 7940

Lewiston, ME. 04243


Cell Phone: (207)240-4446

Assembly Meetings:

Every 2nd Tuesday of each month at 6 p.m.

at Holy Family Church Hall (Except July and August)

Guard Practice:

Every 4th Tuesday of each month at 6 p.m. at Holy Family Church Hall (Except July and August)

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